You Can't Fight Mother Nature

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it's hard to ignore the reminders that you're still single. Maybe you think you're done with love - perhaps you're so over the whole thing that you'd like to pretend it doesn't exist. But if you're honest, it's not really love that you're sick of - only bad love. What if there was a way for you to find someone who worshipped the ground you walk on, who made life both sweeter and more fulfilling? Believe it or not, this isn't as far-fetched as it sounds!

The fact of the matter is we can't fight Mother Nature. Hormones run us, instinct drives us to perpetuate the species, and we are social animals who crave touch and companionship. The desire to love and be loved never really goes away - no matter how much we try to deny it! The List Method hacks the way we go about trying to find love. It shows you the inner workings of the mind and helps you remove your internal barriers to successful relationships so you can create a detailed, descriptive List of the ONE person who is your absolute perfect match. (Believe me, they’re out there looking for you as fervently as you are for them!)

Life is short! Why waste time in frustrating relationships?

Life is short! Why waste time in frustrating relationships trying to figure out whether or not you can make it work with someone who turns out to be absolutely wrong for you or maybe even cheats on you? Isn’t it time to stop doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome? The List Method is an innovative new way that’s based on neuroscience. Instead of narrowing down potential partners from the dating pool, you’ll learn to clearly define your own needs, values, standards, and desires, so it’s easy to come up with a detailed List of the one person who is the love of your life. The one who matches you and with whom you’ll match perfectly in every area – the one who fulfills all your fantasies. Fairytales really do come true when you believe – if you’re absolutely clear about what you want.

At the end of the day, no one can deny biology and our instinctive need for connection and intimacy. Don’t let yourself settle for anything less than the One who is meant for you. Read the List Method, do the work, and then with your List at hand, the love of your life could appear right around the next corner...maybe even just in time for Valentine’s Day! Now that would be sweet!


The List Method is a simple step-by-step way to find the love of your life using neuroscience and tried and true strategies to help you uncover and clear away your roadblocks to a successful relationship. You will learn to understand your own deep needs and desires to create a crystal-clear vision of the partner of your dreams. Armed with your List, it could potentially take only days for you to meet the love of your life. Guaranteed!!

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