Why Do You Want What You Want?

Why do we make the choices we do? It’s a question worth asking because it ultimately determines whether or not we live a happy life or a wasted opportunity

Particularly in the United States we value our freedom very much - the freedom to do what we want, the freedom to choose. But are we truly free to choose when so many of our daily decisions are made by rote? We go to work. We service the car. We clean the house. We walk the dog. As most things, we do them unconsciously and herein lies the problem. We do an awful lot of living unconsciously. Dr. Joe Dispenza says that by the time we are 35 years old, 95% of all our thinking is routine and unconscious. 95% of our life is conditioning and machine-like behavior! That leaves only 5% that qualifies us for being the free human beings we pride ourselves to be – and that’s not much.

When you do something unconsciously, it’s not free will; it’s not choice. We keep experiencing things through the same framework of our unconscious thinking. We do the same things over and over and we get the same outcomes, whether we like them or not. So much of what happens in our lives happens by default. We make no conscious choice and we’re left to accept whatever comes our way and try to get comfortable in our little boxes even if we have to go numb to do it. We tell ourselves that that’s just the way life is when nothing could be further from the truth!

So, you can either settle in and accept it - or you can finally exercise the freedom you hold in such high regard. Freedom, however, requires consciousness. You owe yourself a journey of self-discovery. You must know what you stand for or you'll fall for anything that comes your way - and there's so much that wants to pull your attention these days. That's why you must be clear on what your ideal life ought to look like. Once you choose to wake up in this fashion, you’ll discover a curious thing: You knew the answers all along. You didn't have to figure them out. You didn’t have to be invented, you only had to be discovered. Who you are was already there and that hints at why you want the things you want.

Anything that exists started with an idea and then became a plan, a blueprint according to which it was meant to develop. It is true for the chair you sit on, the house you live in. It is true for you. Your personal blueprint is not only your beginning, it is also your destiny. It is your alpha and your omega. Just as an acorn craves to become an oak tree, so your secret desires are not just flights of fancy. They are the seeds meant to lead you towards your destiny. They are your soul’s message to you, that's why you feel them so keenly. This is your true authenticity and ultimately, the only way to your happiness and fulfillment.

This journey of self-discovery is also the crux of the List Method.  Once you're fully conscious of your needs and desires, as well as your personal standards and values, it becomes relatively easy to come up with a List of the one person who matches you perfectly in all areas. Armed with such a List it's surprisingly easy to find them. A successful life should contain a successful relationship because it allows you to show up differently in the world. When you're in a loving, supportive relationship with someone you adore and who adores you back, there is ease and flow and authenticity. There is no need for compromises and so you find yourself empowered, capable and confident to pursue the desires that are scripted into your destiny and you're able to live your very best life.


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